Unleash your inner feline!

I just released my indie game called Leo Adventure Cat.

It’s an Android 2D platformer where you play as a cat and face ennemies, fight bosses, free friends, skateboard and so on…

Play while helping the animal cause!

The donations and benefits generated by the advertising will be used to buy cat food which will be donated to the APCLO(Association for the Protection of Free Cats of Orléans). The association collects, treats, identifies and sterilizes stray cats before freeing them or putting them up for adoption.


 My goal when developing this game was to try and create everything myself, without relying on external resources. Despite not being the greatest artist, I was able to develop the whole game without depending on the internet for characters or decorations.

In creating this game, it was important for me to improve my graphic skills in order to be able to truly give a voice to my imagination, and add to my program savviness. Indeed, whats worse than not being able to express a great idea for a character or background because of a lack of available images? I have been pleasantly surprised by the results and no longer depend on internet ressources!


Feel free to send me your feedback!
Get it on Google Play

First donation

Saturday the 7th of April, 2018, we made the first donation to the APCLO: cat food, bowls, toys and a check of 20€. Thank you all!

First donation to the association

First donation to the association

More information

If you’re interested, there is more information on the official website.


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