LG G3 flickering screen fix

Yesterday, my phone died (or not).

I was trying to switch on my LG G3 but the screen was flickering then fading to black.

I first thought my screen was over but when I googled searched on the internet for it, I‘ve realized that this was an ongoing problem for some G3. It may occur when your phone is overheating and that is shocked,ย this causes a bad contact of the rear camera connector (thank you Pokemon GO! ๐Ÿ™„ ).

A long-term solution would be to heat the motherboard of the phone to 200ยฐ but I didn’t want to take the risk. You can also try to disconnect then reconnect the camera connector or put a piece ofย paper/cardboard/rubber to wedge the connector.

I decided to take pictures of what I‘ve done and post them here, so maybe it will be useful for those who have the same problem :

First, I used a #00 screwdriver to remove the screws on the back of the phone (there are 13 in total) ; then remove the speaker module and the top bezel.
Warning : avoid touching the motherboard, and before handling, discharge your static electricity (by touching your radiator, for example).

Optional part – You can unplug / plug the rear camera connector and the screen connector :

Fold a little piece of paper and put it on the top of the rear camera connector (it should be the size of the connector).

The piece of paper should be thick enough to properly seat the connector. For better effect, you can use a piece of rubber instead.

Replace the screws, the battery and turn on the phone and voila ๐Ÿ™‚

This trick worked for me but you can always try baking your motherboard in a oven ๐Ÿ™‚


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45 thoughts on “LG G3 flickering screen fix

  1. Is the fix still working? My G3 just “died” in a similar manner. I’m going to attempt your fix tonight.

    LG customer service is the pits. No help. I’m going to spread the word against anyone ever buying LG again just because this hardware failure has been handled so badly. LG has dropped the ball on every aspect of this product failure and deserve to lose market share because of it. I loved my phone in spite of its shortcomings. No more.

    1. Hello Dave,
      Yes the fix works, but if you use a piece of paper, it is likely that only works a few days. I think this is because the paper is compressed over time and puts less pressure on the camera connector.

        1. Hi Dave, did it work with you. I am facing same issue since two months. Not able to use the phone, though have gone through the coin trick too. Please let me know if you phone is working now and what did you do to make it work.

    1. Hi Zack,
      The piece of paper worked a few days. I then changed it to a piece of gum that worked several weeks. Then unfortunately the problem got worse and I decided to change my phone to a Nexus 6P.
      I can advise you to first use the warranty of your phone if possible (you can try to contact the after-sales service even if your warranty period is over, just in case), then try the trick above and save your data as soon as your phone is accessible.

  2. I have exactly the same problem, and putting paper, plastic or coins is a short-term solution. In my case, less than 24 hours!

    Phone continues to flicker, fade to black and make unwanted restarts.

    LG denies to take of the problem.

  3. My LG G3 just started doing this today (ironically, as I started looking for replacement phones). Followed your guide – thanks for posting. I’ll let you know the success in the coming days (hopefully weeks!).

  4. Awesome post. I love the internet.
    Fixed my problem instantly. It looks like the ribbon connector had popped loose on my phone so maybe not related to overheating in my case. I used a piece of a flat rubber band to keep it in place. I’ll post back here if it fails again.
    I was afraid my 2.5-year-old LG was about to die of old age, but it’s back in business. I still LOVE this device even after 17 years…(dog years)

  5. I hv adopted this coin and paper tricks and it stabilized my fin for few says and stop worsth i later had was my that my mother board entire engine went off as a result of that remedy i jux bought a new board and i noticed same problem again this morning

  6. I used LG G3 for the last two years this problem is issue that most be solve the LG company.
    otherwise laot of custumer like will gone.

    i think this problem doesn’t have permanent solution

  7. This solution is short term. I used the simcard as support and it lasted for few days.
    Then later on removed motherboard and out a aluminium foil between processor and heat sink and bingo that worked.
    Thermal shock loosened the processor contacts.
    And after putting foil , removed card which was out earlier.

  8. Paper Trick in awesome my cell was about to die after i put the paper on cemara connector now all fine after this action. Printable A. Piece is best for results to resolve this issue for long time

  9. The issue is the LCD Port. I had a good d850 board where the screen got broken. On eBay I found for $30 a barebone phone, good LCD/digitizer bad board.

    Bought it and swapped the boards and now it works. If you look at the bottom, near the USB port, there are two cables, one for digitizer and the smaller one is for the LCD. The LCD Port part on the board is what has gone bad.

    Unless someone knows about a fix, for now replacing the board is the easiest and cheapest option.

  10. Just had two G3s die. Within 24 hours of each other. They are like time bombs. I know there is no point contacting LG because they won’t do anything. Just dropped 500 bucks on two new phones. ๐Ÿ™

  11. Thanks for the solution Maarti. In my case the phone had fallen into a WC at some point and some rust was in the camera connector. I unplugged the connector and cleaned the rust. I also placed a piece of credit card to push down the camera connector just to be safe. Not sure how long it will last but it worked fine immediately. Thanks again.

      1. You’re welcome ๐Ÿ™‚
        For smartphones that fall into water, you can also leave it a whole night in a bowl of rice to absorb humidity.
        I’ve already tested it and it worked.

  12. Thank you for this guide. For the moment, it has fixed my LG G3 screen flickering. I used a piece of a gift card instead of paper to help compress the connector better. Seem to working fine for now, I’ll update with any new info.

    I did notice that both the connectors you point out in your guide (the ones to unlplug/replug) were both loose/part way out. That may have just been my only issue but I did this trick for extra measure. Again, thank you.

  13. I disconnected my rear camera entirely and it’s working just fine so far. I cannot access my rear camera (obviously) but I can still use my front camera through other apps and my screen hasn’t had a flicker since. I hope the results stick around.

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  15. Hey
    I had the same problem (screen fleckering) and i did what u recommanded and it worked for me for like 20 minutes without problem , is the problem would be fixed forever or it will comeback after some days ??
    TY for your hard work
    (i’m downloading ur game for sure)

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